Sunday, November 30, 2014

Everything for a mere 5 ringgit

Book titles to wade through
 Popular has really done it. This is the BEST booksale I have ever been to. Evah! All books are priced at 5 ringgit. Yes even the hard cover books. And I managed to get 27 paperbacks the first haul. No regrets! I had a creaky neck after the visit. From having to turn my head too read the titles. You see, I was quite thorough and left little to chance. I've read 3 of my books so far.
The crowd of books.
And I just saw a post which someone shared on facebook. The big bad wolf sale will start December 6.  It'll be bigger selection for sure. Exciting. Yes I'll be heading there too!

Popular RM5 book sale.
Viva Home Mall
Near Cheras

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