Saturday, November 08, 2014

Salzburg ( After ERS 2014)

Mozart's Birthplace
As you can see, it was a wet morning in Salzburg when we arrived. The guide told us en route that we had limited time here and promptly passed us a map. And so we left the group directly upon arrival and raced right here to Getredegasse 9 5020 Salzburg.  Here you see, the famous yellow building where Wolfgang Amadeus  Mozart was born on January 27 ( 7 days after my birthday btw) 1756. The Mozart family lived on the 3rd floor and the tour includes a walk through the original rooms used by the family. ( So exciting!) And there was also an exhibition inside of Mozart's baby violin ( swoon), his harpsichord and other instruments which I am not sure what their names are. But they look like baby grand pianos.

Interestingly I got to know that the face of Mozart is not what we are familiar with on the merchandise sold ie chocolates, T-shirts , music books etc. In truth from the letters written by his sister Nannerl, he was in fact a plain looking boy and as a grown man not handsome and standing roughly 5 feet nothing.

I can't give much of a description of Salzburg cos we had a whirlwind visit. But I will say this, it was so exciting walking down the streets and imagining Mozart doing the same.

Mozart's residence ( ticket office)
By 1773, Mozart's family decided to move to bigger quarters. And after some negotiation, they moved to this place and here they held mini concerts for guests. Interesting to note, that Nannerl herself was an accomplished musician. She and her brother would often perform together. I wonder what it must have been like to be overshadowed by her brother. I'm guessing women in that era were used to staying in the background.
The restoration progress

Miniature replica
We weren't allowed to take picture inside, but you can see the house and its set-up from this replica. I had an absolutely lovely time here, browsing and listening to the audio guide. Truly an experience I won't forget.

My purchase from Salzburg
Here is the English translation of a book written by Mozart's father, Leopold who was the person responsible for teaching little Mozart the violin. A lucky find in the gift shop. here I am just about to read the book as the bus whirls its way back to Munich. Euro 29.70!

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