Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lush Munich

Picture taken from Glamour Girlz 
Only because LUSH isn't available in Kuala Lumpur ( in Malaysia to be precise) I normally get excited when I get to a Lush shop. I found the one in Munich by chance. Making it even more special. And for this visit to Munich, my  must-have soap is ( drum roll please)  : Sultana of Soap.
My previous favorite was Karma. That's a definite second on the list now. 

What do I like about this? 
1. The Smell.
It actually smells very nice. Perhaps not when you first sniff it. When you lather, the oil reacts and you get a lovely vanilla-ish smell. The bathroom will smell lovely too even when you're not showering. And so what's not to like? My only gripe, is the smell changes in warm temperature. I left my bar of soap in my bag for 2 weeks before unpacking. And the smell was a bit different. But after airing it, it returned to the nice smell. ( Thank goodness)

2. Creamy texture.
This is different from Karma which leaves you squeaky clean. The soft texture of the soap means you mustn't drop it. It'll change shape. the sultana bits also fall off easily. And the top bit where the sultana bits are is I suspect where the nice smell comes from. My first bar has withered leaving only the bottom bit minus sultanas. It doesn't smell half as nice. 

Oliganum and bergamot oil. That's the secret of the smell I've fallen in love with. 

* anyone visiting Munich may find this helpful. the Lush shop is opposite the  Assam Kirche

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