Sunday, December 21, 2014

Back for Christmas

A very hard jigsaw puzzle
My second week of holiday. ( So fast!) The first week was spent recuperating from the last few months of sleep deprivation. How else to explain waking up after 9am every single day? I brought my running shoes back along with my nike running attire. Haven't had a chance to run. Although we did string the badminton net up and had one game of badminton. But when you're playing with a 7 year old's more lobbing it back and hoping for the best. Our shuttlecock went up the tree ( again!) and the shoe also got caught up on the tree.( we used the shoe to get the shuttlecock down)

The niece
Here's a picture of the niece flower-picking in mum's garden. She wore her jim jams all day because she wanted to play with her budgies the whole morning. And afternoon as well. This was before the tree-eating-shoe-incident. ( We were still friends at this stage)

Happy Holidays everybody. I hope to update more soon

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