Sunday, December 21, 2014

My family and other animals.

Here is one of the two hedgehogs we have living with us currently. Three nights back, we lost one and it's been missing since. No amount of cajoling with food has succeeded in luring it out into the open. I'm hoping there won't be a dead hedgehog anywhere in the house. Do cats eat hedgehogs i wonder. Cos we have a few stray cats ( grrr ) lurking in the garden sometimes.

Budgies in a row
And here are the three budgies. Also living with us currently. Their names are Valerie ( although I've renamed it Choo- Choo), Comet and Nibbler. The baby bird is Valerie. They are seen here perched on the play kitchen set. And sometimes the niece puts one of the budgies in the oven. To play hide and seek. ( Not to cook it of course, she loves them all to bits)

There's a lot of vacuuming and mopping after these creatures. And with all this, I haven't shed any weight yet. Grrrrr!

Apart from these creatures, we have the parents, brother and sister-in law , one little niece and me living in the same house for the christmas break.

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