Monday, December 22, 2014

Losing Weight

Ham and Egg-oh sandwich
My thick waist is not suitable for the christmas dress I bought. Lesson number one, do not buy christmas outfit on your thin-day. ( You will hardly ever get back to that shape again, certainly not if you have a 2 week break at home leading to eating more and more and more JUST before christmas) Lesson number 2: Bias cut dresses hug the curves mercilessly. In my case, it emphasizes the lack of waist.  Lesson number 3: Always, always have a back-up dress so you may enjoy the weeks leading to christmas knowing you will at least have ONE dress that fits for the festive season. Lesson number 4: If you are going to look podgy anyway, at least have a decent haircut giving your friends a chance to complement something when they see you looking fat and prosperous. hehe

* the sandwich is from a local coffee shop in town. Don't you agree it looks just like a home-made one?

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