Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday blues. Not!

Yahoo. It's Monday and I'm not working. ( Are you jealous reading this?) And more importantly it's a wet and gloomy morning. Cool and perfect for remaining in my jim jams and doing some painting by numbers. Yay!
Note the cushion cover
If you look properly, you may just make out the cushion cover in the background. Scoobs is partially occluding it.( Naughty dog) It's a picture of Neuschwanstein. Which is a castle in southwest Bavaria, Germany. ( I went there after the ERS this year). It was build by the fairytale king, King Ludwig the second. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the castle, so you will just have to believe me that many of the rooms were inspired by Richard Wagner. Even the name Neuschwasterin means "New Swan stone" the swan character is taken from one of Wagner's characters in his opera "The Swan Knight". The rooms are all decorated very ornately. King Ludwig certainly had flamboyant taste. Or maybe it was the trend during that century to have garish furniture and decorative wall and ceilings. I bet it wasn't so dusty back then so cleaning wouldn't have taken too long.  Or maybe it took a very long time, which may explain why the King only slept there for a mere 11 nights. Fancy that.

If you think the silhouette looks vaguely familliar, it is because you see it in Disney's sleeping beauty.

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