Sunday, December 07, 2014

The Big Bad Wolf Sale 2014

Facebook is brilliant. At giving me information. I do not need to read the papers. Thanks to friends who love posting different things, if I scroll through a days'  entry, I'll get the feel of what's been happening. And yes I know the information would be skewed.

The Big Bad Wolf is here. It started On Friday 5th Dec. We went yesterday night after dinner. So did most other people because there was a slow crawl at the exit to Balakong. Waze showed us some dodgy way through back lanes some of them barely wide enough to fit one car but we persevered and were rewarded eventually. The dodgy lanes led us to the MIECC by-passing the traffic buildup. We also parked outside along the road and paid RM10 for the privilege. This saved us at least 30 minutes. Otherwise we would have had to make a u-turn and join the line of cars inching towards the MIECC car park. The weather was kind. Cool and not as humid as it normally is. And more importantly no rain.

I bought slightly over two hundred ringgit worth of books. (Yay!) and Would like to thank LWT for carrying them for me. Also for driving there and back. I've learnt my lesson but getting a smallish box. A big box is nice in theory. Try lugging it about once it's 50% filled with books and you would then realize the big box is difficult to carry. ( That happened to me during the first Big Bad Wolf sale)

We left around midnight. And oh boy, you wouldn't believe the buzz that was still happening inside and outside the building. You would have thought it was just 8pm rather than past midnight.We should be proud that we're a reading society. Here we were, avid-readers hunting down good sales and good books.

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