Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The art of henna

This post is about henna drawing. We had this at the Lung cancer conference at Shangrila Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, early this month. For the gala night, the organisers had a henna-drawing booth and as you can see, the ladies did not hesitate at all to get their hands drawn. The first hand is mine. I was bashful, and decided to have it done in this way so that on a normal working day nobody can see this at work. ( I almost always wear long sleeves)

 And this is the one fingered henna pattern. It looks 3D because we were waiting to have it properly dried. The longer you wait, the darker the stain. And the longer it will last. Mine got smeared even before the first speech when I carried the camera and the strap smeared the drawing making it look err..messy.
 This was a more daring pattern. Rather sexy.
Here we are....washing hands in the nearby toilet. Nice cold water....rub some of those henna bits away. And you're good to go.

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