Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coffee and cheese tarts

Anyone had any coffee from Plan B Roasters at Publika? They had some minor refurbishment. And one of the changes is a wall of tiles. I don't like that. It reminds me of being in my old chemistry lab.  Chemistry wasn't very nice because the class would be on a Friday afternoon. And I was nearly always in a mad rush to head home. The other new ( but not so good) thing is they've scrap the loyalty card. Buy ten get one free coffee. It was a good deal. I had two free cups of coffee before this deal ended. Which means I have had 20 cups of coffee there. ( Woo! Never thought of it that way before)

I had this brought to the clinic on MOnday morning. A friend gave me this for seeing her dad in clinic. How sweet is that? As a rule, I don't like sweet tarts but this here yellow cuties were mighty tasty. And I enjoyed mine very much. I also shared them with my mos and staff.

Here is new semi-obsession. Crepe cake. Do you think I have the skill to make thin tasty crepes? And do you think I have the patience to make 20 layers of crepe cake? It's close. I may depending on my mood. In the meantime, I'm trying to decide whether I should buy this ( very nice) crepe cake book I saw at the local bookstore. I saw it in mid 2014 already. Nobody has bought it. Which makes me think, maybe it's not that good. But the recipes sound very do-able. And they explain it in clear language for a novice like me
The picture above is banana crepe cake from Coffee Stain at Fahrenheit.  Look at how neat the layers are. And if you're curious you may actually count the number of layers there are.

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