Monday, January 12, 2015


Old and new phone side by side
This was meant to be a christmas present. From parents to me. Would you believe there wasn't a single iphone-6-plus 64G available before the christmas break? ( The shops I went to anyway which were the ones in the main shopping centres around klang valley) And in January of this year...this zero-stock status persisted.

Here are the shops I went to:
1. Machines ( The gardens ) They put up a poster at the entrance which you can see from a distance.
2. Machines ( Midvalley) Same status. They didnt put up a poster tho
3. I-store (Publika) No stock boo!
4. Loop ( Plaza Damas) No stock
5. Apple store at the shopping centre near the curve....they had a Gold iphone 6-plus. ( Gold is hard to love so I hesitated )

These are the shops I called:
1. Machines (KLCC) No stock
2. Epicentre (Pavillion) No stock

With such a bleak outlook, I'd almost given up hope of owning one in January. Lo and behold, I remembered epicentre at Fahrenheit as a shop tucked in a corner on the ground floor. Generally, Fahrenheit is less well known. Although it is in the Golden triangle of shopping tucked between Lot 10 and the other posh shopping place the name of which has totally slipped my mind now. ( It''ll come to me soon enough)

Ring Ring ( And yes they had stock of Iphone 6-plus in Silver)
And so I now have my very own.


Lori Stewart Weidert said...

Hi! I just got this phone 3 days ago, too. I love it! Do you love yours?!!

edina monsoon said...

Yes I love mine. Still learning stuff I can do with it. And trying to sync all my games:) hehe