Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Birthday

Cake and gifts! Dare I ask for more?
I had a great week. My birthday was on Tuesday the 20th of Jan. The celebration started on Thursday the week before, where KN gave me bottles of crush juice as a birthday gift. Absolutely delicious and I now crave for it daily. I shall buy loads when I next see it. The weekend saw the parents eating Italian ( my choice because it was a birthday treat) at Publika. We had pizza, olio, chicken wings and caesar salad. When written like so, it sounds boring but let me tell you, the restaurant is worth going to. Recommended by KN. ( She's brilliant and many thanks!) It was so tasty, the parents even said they would return on a non-birthday treat meal. ( These are the same people who only are happy eating Asian food. Malaysian food to be exact. Noses wrinkled when we ate Korean a few birthdays back)

On Tuesday, WNN gave me a gift and card in the morning before scope. And Prof RAM gave me a present during our vetting session. Amazing that she remembered my birthday. Isn't that a sweet thing? And then on Thursday, Sopian and the gang of MOs ambushed the clinic and brought cake with them.

Sopian does a cheeky thing and made me celebrate my 21st birthday ALL OVER again:) Older and wiser and more comfortable with my skin. I love where I am now in life. Many thanks to each and everyone of you, who helped me celebrate my birthday week.

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