Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wantan Noodles, Taman Batu

Wanton, noodles
We had this for breakfast after mass this morning. I did some quick googling and found out that wanton noodles differ within different states in Malaysia. I've always wondered why they serve it with the spoon tucked under the noodles. This one didn't come like so. ( I placed it there for the picture taking session)

My version of wanton noodles this morning was with char siu and leafy veg served together with the noodles. And the soup came with the meatballs. We were given a selection of chilli; green chillies ( to me the perfect choice), chillie padi, Sambal ( yuck!) and some preserved onions which took some getting used to.

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Anonymous said...

oh, i ate here before too...

theres 3 wanton noodle stalls along the stretch...

they are all very nice.

the middle one has been there for 2 decades, its very nice but the queue is quite long. Its worth the wait, trust me.