Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Swimming Fins...finally

Have you ever talked a thing to death? And when you finally get around to the actual topic or actual experience....the whole thing seems flat? Well my flipper experience was anything BUT this. Let me tell you the swim this morning before work was brilliant. Putting them on felt a little daft. I wasn't the only person at the pool. There were two other ladies who thankfully seemed more absorbed with their actual swimming ( one was teaching the other to swim) than to what I was doing.

Once in the water it's best not to try and walk. Otherwise you will soon realise there is little friction and the slippery feeling isn't pleasant. I suggest you start swimming straight away. It felt heavy at first and my first 5-6 kicks weren't great. It felt like a drag and initially I didn't move fast and my limbs felt a bit heavier than usual. But very soon after, I felt the gliding movement and it felt absolutely brilliant.

I also bought mits and after 3 laps or so felt brave enough to put them on. Once I made sure those ladies were still absorbed with each other that is. Together the mits and flippers made the swim a good good good one.

*note this isn't a long-blade fin. So it's not a cheating fin. heheh

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