Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Midweek already?

2015, I have a request for you. Can you not gallop your way through this year? I have plans to enjoy the days and weeks,savouring the different days and I also plan to enjoy the nice sunny weather we appear to be  blessed with currently. A small request. Thank you.

On a different note, my shoe fetish will have to take a back seat. After bombing out slightly over a thousand at French Sole plus the unlikely event they should have another 50%-store-wide-sale so looks very much like I shall be left to enjoy my purchases in peace. With little distraction of buying more shoes.  I read somewhere that shoe-shopping is a favourtie for most because despite gaining weight ( pregnancy odema being the exception to this rule) you always get to fit the same shoe size....making the feel-good-factor right up there, just slightly below winning a lottery.

Happy Wednesday everybody. And 2015....please remember my request.

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