Sunday, February 22, 2015

Have you read James Herriot?

Picture taken from the Daily Mail
I was introduced to James Herriot by Aunty Pat, a very close family friend whom we spent many holidays visiting en route to Singapore. We would break our journey in Port Dickson ( Where Aunty P and Uncle C lived) and spend the night there before continuing on. During on the these trips, after dinner, Aunty P opened her secret wall and revealed books neatly lined up. They were very neat people with clean lines and open spaces being the theme in their home. I got my James Herriot that evening.

It was slow going initially. I must have been less than 10 and perhaps unable to appreciate tales on Veterinary medicine even when written elegantly and simply. But a few years on, i re-read the book and went on to buy all his books, reading it greedily and absorbing the lovely quirky tales of country life.

I am currently reading " The Real James Herriot" a biography written by his son. ( I've come almost full circle) Someone ( it could have been me but I'm not sure) bought this book at a discounted price at one of the many booksellers. It's priced at a mere RM19.90. That's how I know it was bought at a sale.

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