Saturday, February 21, 2015

Marian Keyes' latest book: a winner !!!

I bought this book before Christmas. I think. These days I don't write the date I buy the book inside the book. Maybe it's something worth reconsidering. Anyway, this book has been on the shelf and subsequently on my dining table for weeks before I decided to read it. Slow going. I brought this book back for the CNY break. ( Last time I did this, the book was left in the bag untouched different book, different holiday)

This year, I decided to be organized. Upon arriving home, I brought my bags and violin  down from the car straight away. And unpacked the violin and violin stand, putting the music scores in order as well as taking out my paperwork.( Paperwork still untouched...we're not perfect yet. Getting there getting there) And I also unpacked two of my storybooks ( One I was 80% through and this book by Marian keyes untouched)

The first few pages was slow going but after the third chapter it hooked me in. I was still reading it intermittently until yesterday when the story got interesting and have whizzed through it finishing it just before 12:30am today.

Here are the main characters: ( Let me see whether I can remember them)
Stella ( the main character whose life we follow through the entire book)
Mannix( the second main character, a close fight with Ryan, Betsy and Jeffrey because they all feature in almost every page)
Gilda ( I can't hate her really, only maybe a bit)
Karen: Stella's sister
Enda: ( Karen's husband who is a Gardai and is depicted as a boring person but turns out he is human too at the end of the chapter, he gets a whole paragraph about him)
Stella's mum and dad ( who don't really have names, Mannix's mum and dad ( who have names but I can't remember them)
Roland; Mannix's older brother,
Hero and Rosa: Mannix's twin sisters and their husbands and their children.

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