Sunday, February 15, 2015

Longchamp sale

Look, they're almost sold out!
LF and I went crazy at Isetan when we realized there are Longchamps for sale and they were in a different design from the usual La Pliage. If you can just about make it out in the picture, the main difference is in the color of the weather. No longer in the usual brown, you have a choice of white or black and this makes the contrast quite different. The original lady who served us was very cautious and refused us permission to take any pictures The second lady who served us allowed us all the picture taking we wanted.

In celebration of Longchamp's 20th anniversary, they got Sarah Morrison to redesign the La Pliage collection. The La pliage is a staple bag for most women, certainly true for me. It was first introduced to women in 1993.

Morrison the artist has created three different lines for Longchamp.  Of the three, i have one from the Le Pliage Sarah Morris Palette collection.

This collection comes in eight shades ( the handles may be either white or black); robin's egg blue, banana, pink, light grey, kelly green , red blue and classic black.
This version features eight bespoke shades in either white or black handles. 
Kelly Green
Here is the Kelly Green and no I didn't get this one. The size and handle was a little odd for my liking.


Anonymous said...

ohhh...nice bags...

edina monsoon said...

They are VERY vibrant:)