Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Will there be a jam?

Very nice type of Jam!
I've taken a day off work and will be traveling back tomorrow morning. All things being well, I hope to wake up,brush teeth, shower, have coffee and lug all my things to the car boot and be in the car by 0530.Do keep your fingers crossed that I shan't be caught in a jam.( On the side, crabtree and evelyn has very nice tasty one and try)

Little goat
That's right. Tomorrow is the eve of the Chinese new year. It is also coincidentally Ash Wednesday which is the start of Lent for catholics. Thankfully we have been given special dispensation to fast and abstain on another day. ( I did mine today!) Chinese new year is observed as a public holiday in Malaysia and most countries surrounding us I believe. And so, we have Thursday and Friday off. Which naturally leads of an expected eflux of folks traveling out from KL to various other states.

Tomorrow everyone celebrating CNY will be on the road to end the day with the reunion dinner. Which is very important and a nice thing I think. The essentials are fish ( for brains...kidding it's actually for abundant year), lettuce ( for vigorous I think) and shallots for wisdom and onions or is it celery I forget now. I'm pretty sure we're not having fish. I checked with my last weekend and unless I miss something, there will be no fish this year.

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