Monday, February 27, 2017

Coffee société, Publika

Cosy environment
When you enter the cafe, what hits you is great warmth. There are seating outside but as some smoke its doesn't promise a smoke-free coffee experience.  They have a huge tall table with metal stools outside and when it's cool towards the end of the day or when it rains, sitting outside is very nice. especially when there is a light breeze blowing on your face and hair.

The picture above is the interior of the cafe. DO you see the huge tall table? To the right and beyond are smaller standard size and height tables should you choose to sit there. It promises privacy and some peace and quiet. Beware, sometimes you may get some loud customers and that may mar your experience a bit.
Salmon Sandwich
Coffee Société is a nice cafe to have coffee with a friend or have coffee when you are alone. It's located in Publika the same level as the more known Coffee Stain.  
Eggs Benedict and something I forget already
The food is nice. I have always enjoyed what I've eaten there. It also has nice memories. I've already only eaten here with good friends and have good memories of this place. I've eaten there with a dear friend ( we had a crazy day that day doing silly things ) who has since died of stomach cancer. Returning there sometimes reminds me of her  and her wonderful zest for life and her need to do things as if she knew her time on earth was measure on a different scale from others.

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