Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Spicy Raghu
 Lent starts this Wednesday so I thought yesterday evening was a good opportunity to have a nice meal out. Sunway Putra is convenient because its on the way home. Yesterday there were more cars heading the same way so the drive took longer than expected. I blame the rain. It's nearly always the rain which causes slow cars and ultimately a long backlog of cars.

Capricciosa used to have a semi-secret buy-one-ge-one-free deal, it's not advertised anywhere outside the shop nor are you told of this when you order. You know it when you pay and the price is suddenly halved. Very nice surprise and we got to experience it twice. Sadly yesterday the deal ended.

Something else different was spicy Raghu which was a deviation from my usual Granchio. The tomato cause was a little sour. And there wasn't any spiciness. And freely made pasta was nice but because the sauce dominated the dish I didn't like it one bit.
 The salmon is a tried and tested menu. It was nice. No complains there.
Tomato soup
The soup came with the spicy Raghu. It looked and tasted like an extension of the sauce so we left it alone and hardly dared touch it. Wasn't worth the calories in my mind. Especially since I'm now no longer feeling like I'm wearing my corset in my current wardrobe. Goes to show, eating less does help you lose weight.

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