Tuesday, February 28, 2017


In the foreground is the Celine trio. Named is descriptive. It comprises three separate pouches joined by buttons which slick and are secure enough to work as a single unit  and works as a sling bag. Usually the three separate pouches come in the same colour, but in some cases like mine you have different coloured pouches. In the background is my trusty workbag the Longchamp which is tried and tested and has been abused and battered by me quite a bit daily. It still looks decent.

The bag forums have separate pages raving about the trio. Apparently it's a big thing and there are enough die-hard fans of this bag. What they are all unanimous in stating is the ease of use and just how much this bag can hold. It comes in two different sizes. Due to the price I choose the smaller version.

I love my Celine trio. It's the most expensive handbag I've bought ever. So the first few trips out with it was nerve wrecking. I felt I had to look after it and make sure no pen marks or scratch marks or oil stains or soup stains. You can imagine, it was a strain on my relationship with the bag. After the 4th outing, things got better. I became more relaxed and started enjoying the bag.

In comparison. the Longchamp le pliage is amazing. I love the luggage size ones especially. They are handy to travel with when you feel your bags are full, out pops the trusty long champ, you unfold it and immediately you have more space to stuff your things.

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