Saturday, February 18, 2017

House or apartment

I would like to live in a house. Having lived in an apartment for more than 10 years, the negative sides to this are the following:
1. the parking being a walk from the condo
2. if you forget something you need to think whether its worth the trouble to walk from the carpark to the block to the lift and to the apartment.
3. Waiting for the lift when you have either a full bladder or a bad tummy ache can feel like the worst thing ever
4. Sharing a lift with a smelly neighbour or having that smell linger when you enter the lift is terrible.

The plus points are:
1. You have access to the gym with no excuse not to exercise
2. you have access to the pool and can swim when you want to
3. You rarely feel scared coming home late from work because there are people about and the guards make you feel safe.
4. Should you choose, you may have the option of having your car washed regularly by this man serving the condo carparks.

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