Saturday, February 18, 2017

Food tasting at Sunway Putra: review

Fried rice with mixed vegetables. 
Here's my review of the vegetarian food sampling we did yesterday evening at Sunway Putra. This wasn't served in the order the pictures are placed.  The fried rice was a poor clone of the non-vegetarian version of glutinous rice with yam and chicken. We got normal rice with mixed vegetables.
Mock nestum prawns
 The prawns were possibly the best dish of the evening. I enjoyed the mock prawns very much and the fried curry leaves were crispy and crunchy and a tad sweet due to the nestum lingering on top of some of them. The overall taste was pleasing. My neighbour pinched a few curry leaves for herself and her other neighbour to her right. ( Which goes to show it was yummy)
Mock fish with ginger sauce
 The ginger sauce was nice. I'm partial to anything ginger and this had a grainy texture which was nice. the mock fish was a bit tough. I had to ply it apart with my fork and spoon. So we asked the chef whether we could keep the sauce and substitute the mock fish for something softer like tofu.
A platter of cold dish
This was served first. I gave it a 4/5 for presentation.  But a 2/5 for taste.  The yogurt wasn't fresh and the panda chicken was bland and the black stuff was too salty.

The chef was pleasant and patient as we explained what we did like and what we wanted to swap and what we wanted not to have. All in all an experience and a good opportunity to spend a lovely evening in the company of lovely colleagues.

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