Sunday, February 19, 2017

I miss the holidays

Taken on morning around 0900 when I went in search of the niece. And this is what I saw, the bicycle left like so beside the tree. I wonder whether she was in a hurry to look/go somewhere. No time to stand the bicycle up properly. And then there's the shuttlecock which was  missing the evening before this picture was taken. I can only guess she got it down from our tree-eating shuttlecock by throwing some shoes to get it down. My clogs ( very precious I've had them since I did my horsemanship many years ago in Melaka ) left in the garden with no reason. If it was like this from yesterday, and if it had rained, the poor clogs would have been soaked,

I miss the holidays where everyone is home and there isn't any work related problems to solve, and no thinking involved expect on a superficial level about food, and what to do next, what movie to watch, weight gain, jigsaw etc.

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