Sunday, February 19, 2017

Big Breakfast

Big breakfast and Flat white
Yes we ate too much this morning. Greedy. No other logical reason. Am paying the price now. Sluggish so violin practice this morning will be slow.

Review of the big breakfast. ( Apparently its a new thing on the menu according to the girl at the counter)
1. two eggs ( nice and gooey)
2. very hot plate ( beware I touched it and yelped )
3. Beef bits
4. 2 tomato slices.
5. 2 pieces of bread ( nice  with toasted kuaci seeds on embedded in them )
6. baked beans. super soft consistency.
7. a rather long sausage.
8. mushrooms
10: Butter

My flat white was better than long black last week. So yes I liked this breakfast very much.

Kenny Hill's Baker
Taste: 4.5/5
Portion: big (5/5)

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