Saturday, February 25, 2017

Old movies

  1. High society. I loved Grace Kelly in this. She was cold with a bit of warmth and her little sister ...I used to adore watching the scene where she danced sur la point into the drawing room speaking French and scaring the journalist and photographer. 
  2. Anne of a Thousand Days. Genevieve Bujold is a real beauty. And Richard Burton as King Henry the VIII is perfect. We had a VCR version and it had little tit bits of the movie given to us. For instance that Elizabeth Taylor had a cameo role and to look out for that. And that her daughter also had a role as lady-in-waiting.  I used to dance away with my blanket wrapped around me and pretend to be dancing with King Henry. 
  3. The man who knew too much. This is a new surprise for me. Watched it over the Chinese new year break. Introduced by my dad. And its only now that I watched the original Que sera sera by Doris Day. Oh boy, what a voice and what great singing in the film. Story line was brilliant too. As the old folks say, why don't they make movies like this any more.
  4. Rear Window. Another Grace Kelly movie. I love Cary Grant he is witty and I like the fact he wasn't enamoured by her beauty thinking only of the lost of his freedom should they marry. She was one spunky girlfriend in this movie. 
  5. Dial M for murder. Suspense can't get better than this. Grace Kelly was perfect in this. She was dressed in red at the beginning of the movie, potraying her as a adulteress and towards midway she was dressed in drab colours and minimal make up making her look washed out. 

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