Sunday, February 26, 2017


The Helmut tossed aside
The niece showed perseverance during the Christmas break when she learned how to cycle within two days. She says one day but thats debatable. Children are funny beings. Capable of doing something when they think:
1. It's a common thing
2. If everyone else can do it, surely I can.
3. It's not impossible therefore I should be able to achieve it
4. I want it very badly.

Presumably because of the above points, she persevered and succeeded after many attempts. No wonder she disappeared into the garden and was quiet for a long while.

It's a good example to follow. Grade 8 violin exam. Thats the subject. And the 4 points should be the same. I'm not the only person taking it. Many have passed the exam so its a common thing. Why then should I think it won't be possible for me.

Then comes the next point, practice. There is no way around it. No pain no gain. Which brings me to my next step towards improving , getting a practice schedule and following it through.

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