Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pork noodles in Brickfields

This Saturday's breakfast menu features Peter's Pork Noodles in Brickfields. Once again a quick googling of breakfast places in kl showed amongst others Peter's Pork noodles. One review said it had cockroach smelling noodles while the other blogs were positive. Braving the possible truth of the cockroach comment we decided to have breakfast here.

It's a funny little foodcourt. If you park at a legal carpark it's RM4 per entry and you walk through a small lane before entering the foodcourt. A decent selection but most weren't opened yet. And this was at 10:00am. There was bionic meal ( not sure what they served Bionic man hadn't arrived to open his stall), Uncle Lim's fried key teow ( I saw a lady ordering this and she appeared to enjoy her meal when it arrived ), Hailam Chicken rice with about 5 chickens hanging which means they expect a good number of chicken-rice eating customers today, porridge stall, drinks stall and an Indian menu stall and of course Peter's Pork noodle stall.

As advised by a fellow blogger, I opted for an egg and stayed away from the mee suah. The minced pork was a generous portion. The overall taste was nice but not in a wow-sort-of-way. I don't think I would be craving this anytime soon. But I may return to Money's Corner ( the name of this food court) for the porridge.

Cleanliness: 4/5
Peter's pork noodles:3/5

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