Monday, February 13, 2017

Prince Restaurant

Salted fish and bread sprouts
This restaurant is on the 1st floor just to the left of the escalator near Coffee Club in 1Mount Kiara. Before you head there you need to know the entrance to the carpark is narrow. And it curves to the right just before the space opens out. As you drive you see long black multiple scratches on the wall a somber reminder that others have scratched their cars en route to the carpark. 

What makes it worth the trouble getting there, here's a few things.
1. Prince restaurant. It serves very nice food at a fairly reasonable price and decent potions. Food that tastes nice each and every time.

2. The Village Grocer is huge and stocks a wide selection of almost anything. I found this butter and macadamia oil spread just yesterday. See, stuff like that which you wouldn't find even in BIG. ( Which is the only other place which stocks weird and wonderful things)

3. There's a branch of H and M here. And it's nearly always empty so if you're a person who likes shopping in a quiet atmosphere. This may be the place for you. It scans two floors. The other quiet branch is at Sunway Putra.

Fried Aubergine
 The dish above is my favourite. Well it was until yesterday when it was surpassed by the long beans. ( see picture below).

Long beans and minced pork
The service here is good apart from the lag time from being seated to having your orders taken. Please make sure you're seated where you're visible otherwise getting someone to acknowledge your presence there will take time. The seats are comfortable enough the lighting if you are seated at the booths is good for taking photos of the food.

No.L1-03A, Level 1, 1 Mont Kiara Shopping Mall,, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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