Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Quality of life

Home sweet home
Traffic jam is caused by more cars on the road. Fact. Cars are affordable in Malaysia. Fact. Public transport in Malaysia has space for improvement. Fact. When you combine all this, the conclusion is traffic jam in KL during normal working days and certain peak periods assuming most folks clock in the same time and clock out the same time. Which leaves you with the option of leaving early at the risk of not being productive and arriving back in good time. This option won't sit well if you have an conscience and your boss won't be happy if he or she were to privy to this information. Another option would be to leave later, avoiding the usual crowd. Which means you will be forced to spend more time at work. You may be more productive if you choose to use this time to finish up paperwork and all loose ends for the day can be tied up quite nicely. the last option is to leave on time and brace yourself for the traffic arriving home tired and less productive and earlier than if you were to leave much later.

I've tried all there. There is no easy option. A good way to solve this problem is to be productive in the car. So getting a driver is good. It would allow you to send and read emails. Make calls and receive calls without risking being caught by the police talking whilst holding a phone. And you can sleep should you choose to and arrive fairly rejuvenated.

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