Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Jeggings™ is a registered brand name owned by Turkish textile company ISKO (clothing company), a division of Sanko Holding, who were the original producers of the stretch textile.

I found this statement on wikipedia. Now I wonder how we ever got any information before the age of internet. With such trivial knowledge at our fingertips it's unforgivable not to keep yourself updated. Anyway back to jeggings. I think I like them now. It's snug and I believe shows my best feature which are my legs, everything above the waist is  wobbly. The high waisted leggings allow you to not have a muffin top. And teamed with an appropriately billowy top and ballerina flats, it can look cool. 

Its a fine line between looking cool and looking like someone trying to look thin. Top heavy! 

I'm now an owner of black leggings from Uniqlo. I teamed it with an electric pink cheongsam inspired linen top for Chinese New Year. I was a whole kilo heavier then. So I can't wait to try the same ensemble but with less weight on my frame.

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