Saturday, February 18, 2017


The hunt for good Sangria in KL isn't easy. First you need a sensible friend to accompany, one who won't be too judgmental as he/she sees your eyes glean and spark as you order and nervous laughter as you take the oh-so-important first sip. Second there is a huge amount of luck involved. Blogs when it comes to Sangria reviews are scarce. It's not fashionable to write opinions on this drink so nobody cares much about it. Thirdly, one needs to ask where shall we start?

Here are the limited places I've had sangria in KL.
1. La Bodega in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Had it there twice. The first was with a group of friends so we ordered a jug each of both white and red sangria. The red was v nice. the white less so. The second time was recently with a friend and we had a glass each. This was after I raved about it and said we simply must order this and have it with our meal. Watered down more ice cubes than needed, a smaller potion than acceptable and simply very little alcohol. Making the overall taste bland and disappointing.

2. A pub in Publika the same level as Thai Tuk Tuk. I can't remember the name. Now this was good. Good service. They made it in front of us and the the sip made me happy and the entire drink was just about right.

3. Ante, publika. Sometimes when you least expect something, you finally get what you want. Good Sangria at a reasonable price at a place rather near home. ( Just in case you get sozzled) It was priced much cheaper than La Bodega. Definitely a nicer taste, And that hint of mint was gorgeous made that bit of difference. And the amount of alcohol was correct. ( Picture shown above)

4. The Daily Grind, Bangsar Village. We went there during our red velvet hunt in 2016. We ended up being happy not just with the red velvet. ( Blog reviews were accurate here, this place does serve a very nice red velvet) But we also found a rather nice sangria served here. I can't remember the price but when we complained it was too sweet, they adjusted it without any complain and the final product was gorgeous.

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