Friday, February 17, 2017

Site visit

Sunway Putra Hotel
The Malaysian Thoracic Society Annual Congress will be held at Hotel Sunway Putra this year. As part of the organizing committee we visited the site, which started with a brief meeting in a room where for some reason the air condition didn't not work. We were told they were working on this. After a bit, we then went walking about visiting the spots where the booths will be, where the registration will be and of course the grand ballroom. We were given the floor plan layout. Presumably so we won't get lost. Orientating oneself was challenging because a row of rooms were named in the wrong order.

We then continued with the meeting which was brief cos we had food tasting after. I volunteered for the vegetarian food tasting during the last meeting. 8 course meal mostly in mock meat was interesting.We rated them as low as 1 and as high as 3 out of four. The chef then came out and listened to our suggestions. Poor man, he looked a bit stressed.

But I think after little tweaks here and there, we should have a good menu for the night.

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