Sunday, February 19, 2017


Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe Puchong
So many things happened last week my head is still whirling from thinking and analysing. Mainly work-related so I refuse to allow it to govern my every thought and emotion. It's Sunday, the start of a new week. That horrible to-do-list still has the same number of things on them. I need to trim it a bit. By today hopefully.

I thought I would just review the Catholic Churches I've been to in KL.

1. When I started working in KL many years ago, my driving skills wasn't good. I only knew routes near the place I worked. There wasn't waze back then. And the church I attended every Saturday evening for sunset mass was St John's Cathedral. I got used to the haphazard parking in the church compound and the potential long wait after mass as you figure out whether the car in front of you is going to move soon.

2. Then the Car-free Sundays started in KL. every 1st and 3rd Sunday and as I'm a person who rarely reads the papers, I used to get caught often enough driving out at 7:45am to go for the 8:00am mass and not be able to drive through roads. And then pulling up at the side of the road to google the different churches and check the mass times and check how to get there. Frustrating when it happened. The first church I went to was Church of the Good Shepard in Setapak. Mass was at 0900. I remember driving there and waiting in the car until 0900 and feeling that the morning was wasted.

3. There was a Sunday when I woke up super late, and found myself at lost for church times. Again googling found me at Jesus Caritas Church in Kepong. I feel I have ties with this church. The parish priest who did a lot of work there Reverend  Fr. Pierre Decroocq, who was also the first Parish priest,was the father who gave me First Holy communion. Small world indeed. He has since passed on and the church has blossomed into a bigger church.

4. The problem was with the mass time of 0915. I like starting the mornings earlier so I googled and found a church nearer home. Church of the Risen Christ Jalan Ipoh. And the current Parish Priest Father Jean Claude used to be the parish priest in my church in my home town. This church is the one which most reminds me of my childhood church. And it is 10 minutes from home. How did I never find it before I'm not sure. So currently this is the church where I attend Sunday masses.

5. I forgot to mention another church I used to go to after St John's which was Church of St Joseph, Sentul. Going for mass there was possible during car-free Sundays in KL because the road leading to church does not go through the city centre.

6. As the years progressed, I started having some meetings on Sundays and Saturday evenings too which meant I couldn't on that particular weekend attend sunset mass and I had to find a church which had a very early morning mass. And I did.Church of our Lady of Fatima Brickfields. Their first mass on Sunday starts at 0700.

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