Sunday, March 12, 2017

Being sick...

Its terrible being sick. And whats worse is being sick and still having to go on with normal every day activities. So this weekend was needed to recuperate. I spent a large part of yesterday lying down. When I eventually got up, and headed out I actually found myself feeling a bit wobbly. I wonder how patients feel after being in bed for a whole week whilst in hospital and then told okay you're well enough go off home and do whatever it is you like. Not such good advice after all.

The other downside of being sick is not having an appetite. Or in my case not being able to eat. Totally different from not being able to think about food. The first stage of my bug was both not being able to both eat nor think about food. I progressed to being able to think about food yesterday. Which created a whirlwind in my head about all the food I would like to eat and then having to actually decide whether I could stomach all that oily creamy, soupy, spicy food. And also picking a place with clean toilet access. For the very obvious bug-related toilet visits.

I eventually settled for the breakfast shown above. San Francisco big breakfast at Publika. At 0930 there was hardly anyone around. And the public toilet was just an escalator away either way. Both above me and below me. It was a cold morning. ( I guess I was still sick ) so we sat outside in what is actually the smoking area. Thank goodness smokers get out of bed much later for their breakfast because we had the luxury of quite nice fresh air during the meal. We were joined by 5 other people. One couple decided privacy was important never mind the cold air condition, so they say inside. One other couple say outside like us and chatted away. One man who had the same big breakfast say slight away read a book and demolished his breakfast in hardly any time. He must have been angry. Towards the end of the meal, we were joined by a man who puffed away. He was kin enough to pick a table the furthest away from all of us.

I'm much better today. The diarrhoea is less frequent. And I can eat and keep myh good down. The ever has gone away and the aching body is bearable and I can have a cold shower now which makes me happy. I hate warm showers they make me feel sleepy and tired instead of fresh and upbeat.

And now let's talk about the possible culprits. I blame either the fried kuey teow which was served with cockles and prawns or the paiti from the local food court. 7 hours following this meal, I wake up with tummy cramps and torrential diarrhoea and feeling miserable.

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