Sunday, March 12, 2017

Just finished reading this

Yes this was a good book. Its what we call chic lit. Its about a family holiday and what happens there. A bit unfortunate they also had a food poisoning episode which was written in great detail in one of the chapters. I read what I myself was experiencing. And I felt great empathy for the characters. I read the words, completely lethargic and unable to stand up and thought yes thats what I'm feeling now. There was a scene where Ronnie ( one of the characters) rushed to the toilet to vomit and found her husband there first and then he started having diarrhoea and she was thankful at least she didnt have it, only to start having the symptoms a bit later.

The creamy buffet food possibly recycled with salmonella swimming in it was not a good image. It nearly put me off my sausages for breakfast.

I'm hoping for total recovery by Monday morning. Healthy enough to head out and face the working world once more.

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