Saturday, March 18, 2017

Breakfast in Kepong

Clean floors. 
 I've heard it enough times ; "Kepong is a food haven". We have decided to explore this haven slowly. Taking little baby steps because we're by nature not very adventurous and more importantly we're creature of habits. Despite our best intentions to explore a new bakery in KL, we ended up here; Restaurant Ulu Yam, keeping. I like the feng shui of this shop. It looks oldish and feels clean. And the person who took our orders was a little pass middle age and he looked like he knew what he was doing.
 We had greens. For the healthy living mode to kick in to avoid guilt later in the day. This was done nicely. I would have liked a little bit more garlic but the vegetable was crunchy and had enough sauce coating it. And every bite had a tinge of garlic so yes I think I'm going to give this dish a 4/5.
Fried Fish Cake
 This was nice. Piping hot on arrival lest you think it was just reheated. It was fresh it tasted nice and we finished it quite fast. They could invest in some Kampong Koh chili sauce. I think that is the perfect sauce to complement this dish.
 This was a big potion. Much bigger than the one we're used to at the Teochew restaurant. Again, it was obviously just fried and been fresh, there is nothing not to like about it really.
Loh mee
These noodles are smooth and thick. The accompanying sauce is thick and warm and has a tinge of vinegar in it. Perfect for a rainy day. After all these food, we were sleepy and lazy.

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