Sunday, March 19, 2017

Voter registration

Voter registration booth
Are you a registered voter? My father passionately believes we have to exercise our right as voters during each election. As a result, I am registered and have voted a few times in a life. My place of voting is my hometown where voting is a big deal. It also works as a social event. We have folks coming out with their elderly to vote, we have cars parked along the road and hands waving to each other when we meet earlier folks who have voted heading back to their cars. Everyone is eager to play role in forming the new government. It's s nice feeling.

For us voting involves two separate venues, the first is for the parents ( after they are done...usually there isn't a queue because we are out early) and then we drive a short distance to another school for me to vote. ( voting venues are schools in my hometown and most other towns as well I believe)My venue is usually full of people. There's a big of queuing involved but things usually move along smoothly and we're back in a little over an hour to rest and be proud we have done our bit.

Today, the Church of the Risen Christ organised a booth to register for voting and it was opened after the morning mass today and closes at 11am. A very good idea. Now there isn't any excuse not to be registered and not to vote.

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