Saturday, March 04, 2017

Ekkamai Damansara Heights

 I am fortunate my friends eat out more than me.  This gives me the opportunity to visit new places. Dinner today was no exception. We met up at Ekkamai and I must fess up that I googled their official website and looked at their menu earlier this evening. Hehe, always nice to be prepared.

I had a lovely time. I think what contributed most was the l people I had dinner with. Some of whom I've known since A levels. Good friends are hard to come by. I'm older now. So I appreciate this fact.  The waiter in charge of our section was a lovely boy. Very helpful and polite. And fairly steady hands. I can vouch for that from the group shots we made him take for us.
I thought this was interesting. It looks like someone forgot to since the soap suds off this dish. The effect is breath-taking. I think I would have preferred self assembling it for a better taste. But Still something I would recommend you choose for the meal.
 Lycée duck curry. Gorgeous. No regrets and I had a second helping shamelessly ( glad I ran just before dinner  to burn the potential calories ). The lycée made the dish a little sweet and it complemented the spiciness.
 This dish was also very nice and I'm not sure what it is.
This was the papaya salad. Not too spicy. So that was pleasing to the tummy.

 Our tom yam in duck egg green urns and our brown rice in the blue container at the far end. All waiting to be eaten.YUm.
 Beef on a hot plate served with fried rice. Being health conscious generally as a group,  nobody touched the plate of rice.
 We opted for this healthier ( dare I sae tastier ) version of carbohydrate.
The Bubur cha cha wasn't too bad. Colourful although as you can see the lighting wasn't in my favour for this shot. My sago bits stuck firmly together in a goey ball.

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