Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Thai Larb Salad ( RM20)
 We had dinner here yesterday evening. A reward for surviving a harrowing Monday. Swine is located in Publika ( now so famous you don't need to explain further ). It's inside the big grocery supermarket called Ben's Independent Grocer's ( BIG for short). I like heading there, it's like walking deep into a secret corner. It's tucked near the wine area and you can either enter through there or through the place where they sell ham. The staff are quite attentive and you will be seated fast if there is an available table. Otherwise especially during the weekends, be prepared to leave your name and come back in 15 minutes to see the status of a free table.

The salad shown is our first. I'm not a salad kind of gal. But this salad was super. The leaves of green you see were crisp and crunchy a perfect marriage with the Thai inspired minced pork. Love it so much I intend to repeat the order the next time we eat here.
Chips, which came with the burger
 This other order is what I usually order. The Larb burger which isn't too much and comes with fries and a potion of coleslaw. All decently proportion. I tried the pulled meat burger once and the avocado something burger too. I remembered not liking them both very much.
Larb burger(RM28) Thai inspired pork patties
 And then of course there's the wine. ( swoon). Swine's house wine is pretty good. Better than Big Fat Joe's burger place. Wine here is delicate and depending on which you choose the effect subtle and makes the meal tastes that much better.
House red wine ( RM25 each)

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