Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nice not to be sick

Tuesday's dinner at home
Health is wealth. And I am feeling pretty wealthy this evening thanks to my parting with the horrible thing called the flu bug. Bye bye bug please don't visit any more. I don't like you. At all. Symptoms of the bug ( I can't decide whether it was the flu bug or food poisoning having also had the awful luck of eating something that was off leading to multiple toilet visits and a general feeling of malaise) are:

1. a nauseous sensation with a slight bitter after-taste when you eat. Puts you off food. Making you miserable during the duration of symptoms.
2. General body aches involving every part of the body. Lying down doesn't make you feel better. What helped was a piping hot shower which distracted from the aches.
3. You may get some chills but its transient and there are other things which linger which will take your mind off the chills completely.
4. Every step is an effort. Walking a short distance is difficult. You'd rather not walk at all.
5. Toilet visits come and go. The frequency varies. And the lag time also varies making it difficult to time your talks and work.

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