Thursday, March 09, 2017

Paiti for dinner

It rained. (If you are a KL-ite you know rain at 4-5pm is the worst time. There will be a jam ) Luck was on my side, that and driving a slightly higher car currently, made the drive back from work in the rather heavy rain a breeze. I quite enjoyed it. Less cars presumably most folks were waiting for the rain to stop, and the swoosh of the water as you drive through is addictive. To me at least.

And so I made it for dinner. And here it is. Paiti for takeaway and it came in a cute packaging. Smart move otherwise your paiti would be soggy when you get home. Paiti is a crispy thin pastry and you get jiu hu char inside and some garnishing at the top  and of course some delicious chilli sauce to complete the whole top hat meal.

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