Thursday, March 02, 2017

Putra Jaya

Putra Jaya is the seat of our administration. The various ministries have their offices here. This is the Ministry of Health. ( MOH for short).This picture doesn't capture the space and grandeur of the surroundings. The actual feeling is of order and calm. Nobody appears in a rush here. and everyone walks purposefully except the ones here for a meeting. You can spot them easily. They look lost and walk faster or they are in the cars driving through optimistically looking for a place to park.

Which brings me to the parking. It's impossible to get a spot inside the compound. Even the staff park under the trees in a jigsaw pattern making leaving early a lesson in patience as you wait for car number 1 blocking the exit to arrive.

There is more parking at the end of this long stretch. I parked there the first time I came here for my meeting. It's not a good spot to park. I was boxed in and had to wait quite a while before someone came to move the car. There is a public carpark beside these government blocks. Staff park here as well. If you come before 7:30am, it's free because the person manning the gate comes after that. Haha.You won't get boxed in here. It costs RM4 per entry. This is a new thing, The old method was by hour and the machine frequently acted up so they did away with this and decided per hour charges were easier. ( And better for me )

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