Sunday, March 26, 2017

Restaurant Sin Kee.

Potato leaves (really?) 
We celebrated the daddy's birthday today by having a cake ( coffee flavour), presents and dinner. Tradition dictates the birthday person gets to choose the dinner venue no questions asked. And this is how we ended here. Recommended by an article in the newspapers. We drive towards Batu Caves and found the place with the help of Waze. Anywhere new is exciting especially since the weather cleared for us and it was a nice cool evening. We found this restaurant easily. And got a place to park less than 100 metres away. The orders were made and we sat waiting. Quite a nice restaurant. There was a satay stall just outside and quite a few people ordered that to be brought into the restaurant. Smelled very nice.
Deep fried tofu
We ordered a few dishes. Their specially made noodles which I don't have a picture of because I forgot. and these other two dishes shown here. The tofu was super. I would have that again, the vegetables mediocre. The price was more than what I expected to pay. Rm72. So no I don't believe we will be returning to this restaurant anytime soon.

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