Sunday, March 19, 2017

Restaurant Wong Kim

I love porridge. For a short while I used to love teochew porridge; watery variety with a whole lot of condiments including fried dace ( my favourite) but now I'm settling for porridge with decent amount of meat , eggs  and some ginger bits inside. This was dinner yesterday at Restaurant Wong Kim. found by chance as we drove pass Jalan Ipoh in search of another porridge place we'd been to once before. So it shows, its important to keep your eyes open for any other shops along the way.

This restaurant is clean and brightly lit. A plus point. The porridge did take its time coming to the table. And we were the only customers for porridge so I'm thinking on a normal day, the lady would have to either speed up the cooking process or warn customers it'll be a long wait. Was it worth the wait? Yes. It didn't disappoint. And I'll be returning to this place for porridge very soon.

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