Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kenny Hills baker

The post box with tables and chairs around it. 
 After church, we headed to Kenny Hills baker. En route, there was a discussion on what to eat. From previous experience, we tend to over order and end up feeling full and sleepy after breakfast. So the pact was not to over order no matter how hungry you are. I like the environment of easy parking and old buildings and greenery. It reminds me of visiting an old family friend we called "Por Por" who was no blood relation but whom we were close to. She lived in a block of old apartments just beside the Botanical Gardens in Singapore. I get the same sense of nostalgia when I eat here today.
Mushroom puff pastry.
I stuck to the tried and tested mushroom puff pastry. The flakes were gorgeous as it melted in the mouth and the butter mushrooms had a bursts of something nice as I chewed it. No regrets ordering this. My original order was the Vietnamese bread but decided it was too much at the last minute and switched to this. In the background, you can see my red cup of latte.
Chicken and avocado croissant
This is new. After some internet research we decided grilled chicken avocado croissant would also be on the menu for this morning's breakfast. The taste wasn't as rich as the mushroom pastry. Croissant was nice a butter and the avocado and chicken fresh and light.  It was a quick meal. We didn't get out usual seat. Instead we got a bigger table in another corner but still inside the shop. The shop itself is small and cosy. And it has only 5 tables inside. Two very small ones which can seat two per table. three which can seat 4 persons and one rather large one for a bigger group. The rest of the seating are outdoors.

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