Friday, March 03, 2017

Subway sandwich

After stations of the cross and mass, we headed for a quick bite.  Subway appeared a logical place. Subway Rivercity Jalan Ipoh. Quiet place. From this picture it looks like we were the only customers. The couple beside us arrived later and left before us. They gobbled up their sandwiches. They did. We ate daintily and as a result left much later.

Rivercity at night is deserted which is sad. Only a few stalls were opened and 4-5 people seated looking tired and sad. There was a little girl who begged for food.  But the lighting of the place made it look posh. And due to the low level, nothing more than 1 story and the open space in between it was nice to walk from the open air carpark through shops to Subway. It is odd to find an read along Jalan Ipoh not densely populated with shops and people and cars.

Back to Subway and its meal. They had a rather limited selection and not much veg. The usual kiosk appeared smaller and less pots of vegetable selection. I had seafood. Being Friday that was the obvious choice and I think it tasted different and decidedly less than a normal portion. I still think the Subway at Plaza Damas serves the best Subway sandwiches.

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