Saturday, March 04, 2017

The Waterfront.

coffee and ice-cream i.e. affogato
 I wanted coffee. And I wanted a different scene. And so we headed here. Foursquare said this was 1 km away from our breakfast place. To this place called " Three Little Birds Coffee" on the ground floor of this open air concept area called The Waterfront. It's in an upmarket township surrounded by gated community and up market condominiums and just beside the park. I've driven through here at night and the lightning is amazing. You feel you're in a different world. So anyway back to my experience having coffee here.  The cafe faces the park, you get to see greenery you also get some heat which no amount of fan can cool you down. Having coffee here at 12 noon wasn't a good idea. I had what was brewing today. Wasn't great. I think I prefer the coffee at Plan B roasters Publika.

What I did like was the dog-friendly environment. We had no less than 4 dogs at the cafe with us. All well behaved except a white happy dog but he seen settled down. The dogs were petted by many and they enjoyed it. And one of them had a dog dish to lap some water up because the heat was real.
Bicycles for rent ( or the nearby park)
 We walked about a bit and saw a shop selling bicycle accessories bicycles and rental of bicycles presumable for the park beside the waterfront. What a good idea. I thought I was going to bring my motorised scooter. But that won't burn any calories so this is a better idea.
Free wine tasting during the weekends!
 That's what the sign said. Free wine tasting. We didn't do in. A bit shy to be the only customer inside the shop. Plus it was way too hot to drink any wine you would definitely get sozzled too fast. Not a good idea at all.
A whole lot go greenery
 This was from 1st floor. A little bit cooler than the ground floor and I liked the greenery and the way the light comes through.
I've forgotten the name of this place already but it looked cosy
There were many shops there, a dental place, secret recipe hearing shop, waxing parlour, dermalogica CIMB bank, artisan bread shop, Moo cow to name a few. Certainly for the people of Desa Park city, you have a wonderful planned township. Your little world of your own.

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