Saturday, March 04, 2017

Lim's Kitchen

Part of the menu
Time Out Magazine ran a feature on the best char siew in KL. I bought the issue only to see where to eat and also to see how many of the recommended places I've been to. The feature was "lunch O'clock" and I'm pretty sure the places were chosen by what's the current trend or more famous sites. I can vouch that at least 2 places aren't at all what they appear to be. So this Saturday I decided to do my own net search for Hakka noodles in kl.  And I found Lim's Kitchen in Majalara Kepong.
Mee bok
 The mee bok and Hakka noodles arrived at the same time. Waiting period was minimum. The place was not full and from the outside it looked a tad deserted which made me worry I'd chosen the wrong place. But the moment the noodles appeared and when I took my first bite, I was convinced I've found a good noodle shop.

Definitely a different texture and it had a nice bite and chew to it. Despite looking pale, it was tasty. The mee bok had a chilly kick to it. So you don't have to add chilli padi nor soya sauce to it. After a good stir the noodles turn a light oily orange indicating a good tasty meal ahead.
Hakka Noodles
The Hakka noodles were thinner strips. Same as the instant noodles but way better. It had a more subtle taste compared to the fiery mee bok. I alternated between liking one to the other. In the end, I decided I like them both very much.
Oddly shape fried wanton
 These were disappointing and I shan't be ordering them again. It wasn't bad but definitely not what I wanted.
The home made noodles- a closer look
I love these noodles. Can't wait to have them again. I wonder whether they're open on a Sunday.
A close up of the restaurant
 Here is the shop front.
We had to cross this bridge to get to the place.
taste: 5/5
Parking: 5/5

 Kepong 33, Jalan 3/62A, Bandar Manjalara, Kuala Lumpur, 52200, Malaysia
Opening hours: 0800 to 1900

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